No immediate wine worries

Local wine lovers should see no immediate negative impact on their supply of high-end wine out of California, following the 6.0 magnitude earthquake that destroyed significant stores of the alcoholic beverage.

Winemakers in Napa, the centre of California’s winemaking region, woke up on Sunday to broken wine barrels and bottles.

But some local suppliers have told Barbados TODAY they do not anticipate any immediate implications.

Retail director of Wine World Sacha Cabral
Retail director of Wine World Sacha Cabral

Retail director of Wine World Sacha Cabral said the store’s selection of wines from Napa Valley was not significant and she did not anticipate the company would have to pay more for the wines from overseas suppliers.

“It is typically a higher priced wine so it is not going to be a high volume wine for us. So it won’t have a huge effect on us,” said Cabral.

“So depending on the vintage that would be in those barrels or in those bottles it would be now that they are less available to us and the supply and demand will drive the prices. So while it is not confirmed, it may become more costly simply because there is less available and that is if the quality of the wines is still acceptable.”

She said if there is a shortage when the company puts in its next order it would just have to source wines from other regions to make up for the loss, adding that could be the case “for a few years” depending on the extent of the damage.

Meanwhile, manager of the wine division at Massy Distribution, Karen Evans, told Barbados TODAY they were yet to get official word from overseas suppliers on the extent of the damage and any possible ripple effects.

Evans said while she suspected there could be some implications, she was in no position to say how far-reaching they would be.

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