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African nation looks to caribbean examinations council as example

The Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) and the Kingdom of Lesotho have signed a deal that will see the region’s education system being used as a model to help transform the African country.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which was signed this afternoon at Divi Southwinds Beach Resort, takes immediate effect.

It focuses on the development of an assessment framework, including for primary exit examinations; development of national and regional examinations, including higher certification programmes; development and implementation of School Based Assessment as part of the teaching and assessment methodology; development of assessment for early grades reading and numeracy; and development of examination administration policies and security.

Acting registrar of CXC Glenroy Cumberbatch said best practices would be used.

“How we intend to do this is through the exchange of material, shared policies, shared documents, shared research . . . so that we would both benefit from each other’s programmes,” he explained following the signing of the MOU.

“We will also have the exchange of professionals and we’re hoping very soon that we can develop a proposal for funding, which would provide for some members of the examinations council to come to Barbados for a minimum of three months to observe what we’re doing, especially at times of collecting assessments, doing moderation of assessments and issuing examination results so that they can understand not only what the paper states but what is happening on the ground.”

Minister of Education and Training in the Kingdom of Lesotho, Makabelo Mosothoane, acknowledged that they were entering unchartered waters, but said it was being done with confidence.

“There are those organisations like CXC that have successfully travelled a similar route. This, therefore, makes CXC the ideal partner for ECOL (examinations council) to benchmark with, as the latter can use the experiences of the former to validate its intentions and to make relevant and informed decisions that are key to the ideals of educational development in Lesotho,” the minister said.

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