It works out for DJ Ras

98.1 presenter credits God and fans for success

by Davandra Babb


If you have ever tuned into 98.1 FM on a Thursday night, and found yourself working out while listening to the music, then you were probably a part of a Ras Gym session.

The “gym instructor” Shayne DJ Ras Edwards, 27, has been making “bumpas go round” and leaving the girls “ben’ up” since he touched down at 98.1 The One six years ago. He capitalized on an internship opportunity at the station, and has not looked back since.

“I started at 98.1 through a deejay competition. I went on to win that competition and got an internship at the station. That’s how it went, and I never looked back.”

But DJ Ras’ love for music goes back way before his days on the station.

“I always loved music and entertaining people; so it was basically a combination of that for me. I started out doing my own mixes, did my own promotions, and I started deejaying from home and gradually went into house parties,” he said.

Dj Ras at the controls.
Dj Ras at the controls.

That love for entertaining people further propelled the diminutive deejay into party promotions. He is the brainchild of what we know as Trippy Wednesdays.

Trippy Wednesdays is something great and very important to me; reason being, I started doing cruises with the Jolly Roger from the time the boat came here five years ago. I was having a lot of problems on land related to restrictions. We used the boat as an alternative to partying on land and it worked out perfectly.

Trippy has flourished and really got out there, and it is definitely something Barbados can look forward to for a long time to come,” DJ Ras added.

And he has told his gym members to look out for bigger and better things to come from Ras Gym and Trippy Wednesdays.

“Sometime next year, I am looking to hold one big Ras Gym session. And also, as fate would have it, Old Year’s Night this year falls on a Wednesday; so look out for something special from Trippy,” Ras has advised.

Since taking off, membership in his gym has grown considerably; and for him it’s humbling.

Ras Gym came as an accident. I was just on the radio messing around, telling people work out while you listening to me. So people were like, ‘Yeah, we working out and listening to you; so this is Ras Gym’, and I just ran with it. I was definitely surprised by the hype behind it, and I believe it will continue,” Ras explained.

And it is not just the teens who are attracted to it.

“Even persons in their 20s 30s, and in some cases 40s, feel the hype, and they carry it, even though they are outnumbered.”

But the hype is not getting to his head; and Ras admits he is a “changed man”.

Speaking to Bajan Vibes, Ras beamed with pride as he alluded to his new family, and the welcome change.

“As a person, I am a family guy now. I have a daughter and a girlfriend now, and I am probably looking to get married soon. So I’m definitely excited about that,” he said with a grin.

But back to to his deejaying. Ras said the growth had been scary, but amazing.

“When I first came out, I was a bit wild and maybe a little raunchy. But I have [moved away from] that and gone a bit more corporate in certain elements of my deejaying life,” he said.

Ras has credited his success over the years to belief in the Almighty, and to faith and courage.

“Whatever you believe you can achieve. I believe that anyone can do anything they put their mind too. With the help of God and support of friends you can do anything.

“I never thought I would be a deejay, entertainer or a promoter up to now, and that it would be able to sustain me and support my family; but now I believe that I can do anything I put my mind to,” he affirmed.

But that belief does not include singing.

“I have no plans of actually singing. I am not a good singer; I am not a good writer. I don’t really see myself taking up a career in singing. If something like that was to happen, it would be a shock to even myself,” Ras said with a hearty laugh.


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