Inniss: Stop worrying about Massy

Stop complaining about Massy and get on with business!

That advice from Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development Donville Inniss is being given to Barbadians complaining about the perceived takeover by Trinidadian conglomerate Massy Group of local businesses.


Donville Inniss
Donville Inniss

He said it was time for those criticizing the expansion of the group on the island to stop complaining and “get on with expanding and growing the economy”.

“Whatever criticisms there are about Massy . . . the simple reality for me is that it has invested heavily in this economy and its people. And for that, we should be appreciative,” he said.

Inniss also chided those “who had a chance to do something about the said ownership structure and nationality and did nothing about it at the time”.

“Those who had a chance ought not now to be complaining but rather ought to join us and get on with the people’s business,” he insisted.

Meantime, the Minister accused Barbadians of settling for mediocre customer service.

At the same time, he issued a call for service providers to treat all potential customers with the same level of respect.

Inniss reminded those gathered for the official opening of the Massy Stores Supermarket at Sky Mall today that the success of businesses in the service industry is “heavily” dependent on how each customer is treated.

“If you want to keep them then you know what to do. But what concerns me as a minister is that we are still settling too much for mediocrity when it comes to customer service in Barbados and at all levels . . . and Barbados will only go forward if we say no to such,” he said.

“Customer is key and I don’t care how a customer attires himself or whether they speak Standard English or Bajan dialect, they must be treated as your most important customer.”

Inniss lauded the operators of Massy Holdings Limited, the parent company of Massy Stores Supermarket, for their “faith” in the local economy.

Acknowledging that there would be a number of spin-off benefits from having the supermarkets in Barbados, Inniss said besides employment, there were financial benefits for importers and suppliers, local manufacturers and farmers, banks, and the Government in the form of taxes, among others.

The Sky Mall location is the group’s sixth supermarket on the island. Managing director Neville Brewster said as part of the expansion plan another supermarket should be opened in Kendall Hill, Christ Church by 2016.

He said there would also be refurbishment and expansion of the Sunset Crest location.

The doors of another Massy Stores Supermarket were opened to customers at Sky Mall today.
The doors of another Massy Stores Supermarket were opened to customers at Sky Mall today.

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