Teachers bullying too

Children are not the only culprits of bullying in schools; teachers are also among the offenders.

That is according to Director of the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Resource Centre Al Layne who said they were occasionally getting reports of teachers bullying children as well.

Speaking yesterday at a press conference to launch a joint anti–bullying campaign with Supreme Counseling and Sheraton Centre, Say No To Bullying, Yes To Love, Layne said that often this was as a result of teachers’ inability to deal with “different” children.

From left; Supreme Counseling CEO Shawn Clarke, ADHD Resource Centre's Al Layne, Director of Sheraton Mall Sharon Oran.
From left; Supreme Counseling CEO Shawn Clarke, ADHD Resource Centre’s Al Layne, Director of Sheraton Mall Sharon Oran.

He has therefore called for the scope of education on bullying to be broadened to include adults in schools and in the home.

“I think it would be very useful . . . Many of the kids that I see suffer from that because the teachers do not understand the specific circumstances that they are experiencing because they suffer from discreet disabilities. Essentially, that is to say the child is having a challenge of some sort, it’s not clear what that challenge is and therefore the child is treated a though it is stupid or dumb,” Layne said.

“When that child is treated that way consistently by people in the classroom who are an authority, other students start to behave the same way and it becomes very true then that words become more damaging than perhaps than being [lashed],” he said.

Chief executive officer of Supreme Counselling, Shawn Clarke echoed similar sentiments. He agreed that bullying was a learned behaviour.

He suggested that about 75 per cent of all bullying cases in Barbados go unreported because the victims think they have no one to turn to, or that their feelings will be trivialized.

Clarke called on Barbados to face up to the reality to the problem.

“We need to take our heads out of the sand. This thing that ‘it can never happen to us here’ has no place within our society. We have seen the increase of gunplay . . .  so we have to wake up, we have to face reality, we have to realize that bullying has a serious negative impact on our society,” Clarke stated.

“There are older persons who say that ‘I got bullied when I was 10 years old and I am now 65 and look at me’. Yes, you might be extremely strong but what about those persons who aren’t as strong, who aren’t that well put together? There are still persons 40 or 45 years old who are still suffering the effects of bullying, who are still trying to deal with the skeletons that they have. It is not only about the physical, it is not only about the hitting and the kicking and the shoving. It is about name-calling, it’s about taunting, it is about spreading rumours, and words especially have an everlasting effect on a person more than a cut.”

Clarke urged adults to take reports of bullying seriously and investigate them.

Say No To Bullying, Yes To Love was the brainchild of Director of Sheraton Mall, Sharon Oran.

Saying that the topic was very close to her heart, she said that during the remainder of the summer holiday, beginning this Saturday with the official launch of the campaign, there would be a series of activities to highlight and disseminate information about the issue.

“We feel that Sheraton is an excellent location where we can touch a lot of people and actually reach out to them. Bullying touches all ages. It affects schools, businesses, home, work; it is not just about children. The more we can teach people about how to respond the more we can mature. We want to promote alternatives to bullying and the alternative is love, passion tolerance,” Oran said.

The activities will conclude on September 6.


5 Responses to Teachers bullying too

  1. Abraham Millington
    Abraham Millington August 7, 2014 at 8:10 am

    Some teachers are the reason some children not catching some concepts as fast as others are openly made a mockery at, or the teacher can label the student daft or a dunce. When the badgering starts there a class or children period only feel empowered to enforce taunting or making a child feel incapable of ever progressing. Some teachers are just as bad or more insensitive than some children who may or may not have a conscience to ease off the badgering and allow a student to grasp challenging areas. At this level it is harder to nip as teachers find reasons to justify through the slow intelligibility/ comprehension rate of a child to affix different labels of failure daily.

  2. Kim Kim
    Kim Kim August 7, 2014 at 2:41 pm

    For yearsssssssss doe

  3. Queenie ShaSha
    Queenie ShaSha August 7, 2014 at 3:56 pm

    what were these same kids called back in the day….had a teacher that didnt like me.. ut i sat and listened and took in my education tho ….and work hardddd to b successful…its wad not for her to love me that was my mothers job…it was not her job to b a role model …my mom was the first woman in my life….teachers r human …i encounter many unmannerly ppl in many business places…thats human nature aint every day u walk bout wid a smile plaster on ur face…and adhd kids r nottt easy to deal with and the mistake starts with parent who dont want to admit that somethung mayb wrong….the sygary snacks they feed em which they dont stop giving them and then they are diagnosed too late…but ontop of alll this somr parents dont kmo what to do with the kids eitherrr…adhd kids cannot b in a mainstream classroom…and not every teacher can teach an adhd kid either….and with the kids nowadays the problem iz magnified times 10 in once class alone ..yes some teachers dont like certain kids for varioussss reasons….but at the end of the day teachers have an extremely hard job…but at the end of the day we r human like anyone else..stop puttin ppl on pedestals and stop americanizing our educatio system when they have sooo many problems with their own kids up there..


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