Tourism official happy with Crop Over

Interim President of the Barbados Tourism Authority Petra Roach believes there are a number of benefits which island could derive from hosting various events, like the just completed Crop Over festival.

“We had a total of 38 events with Crop Over and one of the things that we analysed was that doing things like Pan Fusion, for example, we could actually go after a market who is interested in that sort of activity.

“We’ve also got the heritage element [and] it is not just the events that NCF [National Cultural Foundation] has put on.

“You’ve had events like the Soca Titans.  There were events like Beach House where we had international stars coming out to attend those,” noted Roach, adding that “ I think that whereas Crop Over used to be seen as something that was very indigenous, I think that it is becoming more mainstream and the evolution, I think has been absolutely dramatic from where it started and where its is now,” she said.

The BTA spokeswoman praised organizers for their contribution to the country’s tourism product and also for the standard of these events.

“The events have been really well cast.  They have been a mixture of people from the lower to the higher echelons and everybody just comes together and really has a fantastic time. But for me, the thing that I have noticed most is the wealth of talent that Barbados has.

I go to a party and you’ve got Biggie Irie, you’ve got Imani, you’ve got Arturo Tappin, Nicholas Brancker.  We just have something that is so special and I think what we should be doing is really [looking] to see what we can do on the musical platform to really put us on [that] trajectory,” Roach suggested.


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