Ian Webster rules again

On a night when the Headliners calypso tent took the lion’s share of the prizes in the Pic-O-De-Crop finals, Ian Webster reclaimed the coveted calypso crown, defeating a competitive field of nine previously adjudged top contenders.

Webster, who was the defending monarch, managed to secure top honours for the second straight year (445 points) to walk away with a number of attractive prizes, including a Mazda 3 motor car valued at $85,000, plus $10,500 in cash.

“It is much sweeter than last year’s [win]. It is so wonderful. It is a great feeling because this has been a year of adversity and I am so thankful that at the end of it all, I was able to come out on top,” Webster told Barbados TODAY immediately following his victory.

While he did not elaborate on his comment about adversity, Webster was among a group of popular calypsonians whose exodus from the All Stars calypso tent earlier this year was met with controversy. In fact, much of the bitter split was played out on the finals stage tonight with De Announcer of All Stars descending to the level of name calling and personal attacks in both his renditions.

De Announcer was very acid on the night.
De Announcer was very acid on the night.

Adrian Clarke, who was among those who left to join the Headliners was not as acid as De Announcer but he also addressed the issue in his first rendition of the night.

Adrian Clarke dealt with the All Stars exodus in his first song.
Adrian Clarke dealt with the All Stars exodus in his first song.

And by the final results, it would seem as though the Headliners got the upper hand in the fight.

Adrian Clarke finished second on the night with 439.5 points, while his tent mate Chrystal Cummins-Beckles, who was also involved in the exodus, placed third with 436 points.

Fourth was reigning Sweet Soca Monarch Big Irie of the Big Show with 431 points and Blood of Headliners was fifth, scoring 420.5 points.

The other competitors were Mikey of Headliners , De Announcer, Kid Site and Miguel of All Stars and Classic of Big Show.

Ahead of the announcement, audience members, including some veteran calypsonians,  were heard voicing concern over  Webster’s the use of lyrics from other popular songs in his rendition Karaoke.

However, by the end of the night, the result seemed to be generally accepted by members of the crowd, with many suggesting that since it was hard to pick a clear winner on the night, the judges did the right thing in handing the crown back to the defending king.

10 Responses to Ian Webster rules again

  1. Shanny Livingmylifetothefullest Chandler

    Congratulations Ian Webster I know u.had this

  2. Shanny Livingmylifetothefullest Chandler

    Congratulations Ian Webster I know u.had this

  3. Shanny Livingmylifetothefullest Chandler

    Michael Blackboi W

  4. Greitcha Smith
    Greitcha Smith August 3, 2014 at 4:52 am

    Well well!

  5. Tony Webster August 3, 2014 at 5:05 am

    Ian, congrats! You deserve this. From one Webby, to anudder one! We must have a cup of tea and talk bout ‘fambly”, and check where we paths “did cross” somewhere back-in-time!!! HEY!!! Seeing how some folks struggling to find “suitable material” for this time of the year…and we out hey…gettin’ lil’ bored wid all this ‘pullin-down’ each other…you cud tek a look at just dat for next year: “Bajan fambly”….in the bajan meaning…we is all one big family…and you know how it does be a up-and-down ride when “fambly ent ‘greeing”…and how sweet is is when peace and loving-kindness is the order of the day. Lovin’ famby; rowin’ fambly…big-up fambly…poor-rakey fambly…and then every so often…yuh does get to meet ‘new fambly’. Cheers, and look forward to meeting you some blessed day! Turn-up de love!

  6. Samuel Morrison August 3, 2014 at 6:18 am

    Power to Ian.

  7. Deborah Rollins-ferreira
    Deborah Rollins-ferreira August 3, 2014 at 6:41 am

    Congrats Ian…a very intelligent guy

  8. Barbados Labour Party
    Barbados Labour Party August 3, 2014 at 9:56 am

    Congratulations Ian on behalf of the #BarbadosLabourParty

  9. Pamalea Payne
    Pamalea Payne August 3, 2014 at 11:21 am


  10. Maureen Pollard
    Maureen Pollard August 4, 2014 at 7:29 am



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