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Morris: All in the season

Anglican priest says he has no problem with revellers’ conduct at crop over

At least one clergyman has no problem with the conduct of revellers at Crop Over.

While veteran bandleader Betty West recently criticized what she saw as too much nudity in Grand Kadooment costumes, Anglican priest Charles Morris says the costumes and behaviour are all in the spirit of the season.

“I do not have any problems with Crop Over . . . I’ve heard people criticise costumes and all kinds of things but I’m not one for criticising costumes at all because that is what that is for. I hear people criticising the behaviour but I criticise the violence,” he told Barbados TODAY

Reverend Morris added that what he does have a problem with is the behaviour of some teenagers, several of whom get intoxicated during the festival.

He said they were putting themselves at risk.

“I don’t mind people jumping in the bands but I saw some very young girls, in particular, drunk and lying on the sidewalk and that kind of thing. I passed one girl who was out so cold that she was right beside the garbage and it was as though she didn’t know. She looked to be a teenager, she couldn’t have been 18,” the priest said.

“You can drink and that kind of thing but you don’t have to put yourself in a situation where you virtually don’t know what you’re doing, especially women who could be taken advantage of.”

With a range of activities planned for the next four days, culminating on Kadooment Day on Monday, Reverend Morris’ final message to residents is to enjoy the rest of the Crop Over festival

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