Reverend Morris says misconduct charge won't shut him up

Don’t expect Reverend Charles Morris to keep silent despite attempts by Government to discipline him for publicly speaking against the Freundel Stuart administration.

Rev Charles Morris
Rev Charles Morris

In fact, as he waits to see what sanctions he will face the controversial and outspoken priest told Barbados TODAY he would continue to share his opinions any time   he sees fit.

Earlier this month, Morris, who teaches history and sociology at the Combermere School, was censured for statements made at a Barbados Labour Party (BLP) People’s Assembly town hall meeting, which included that this Government is the worst Barbados has ever had.

He received a letter indicating he would face disciplinary charges for making the comments since he is a public servant.

But the Anglican cleric has insisted that he will not be silenced.

“I will speak as I see things. To me it’s a threat and if I stop speaking on issues then I would not be true to my calling as a priest,” he said.

“As long as I perceive something to be wrong, to be running against the interest of the people then I would continue to speak.”

Just yesterday, in the interview with Barbados TODAY, he was highly critical of the Municipal Solid Waste Tax that the Government recently implemented, describing it as “absurd” and “ludicrous”.

Urging the administration to reverse the decision, he said the revenue-generating measure would put a strain on many people despite the adjustments that give an ease to some pensioners and owners of agricultural land.

“My question is: how much more will they tax Barbadians? I have to go back to the words that Moses said to the Pharaoh, ‘Let my people go’. Right now the people are in bondage from a number of things. The people of Barbados are suffering. The more you tax the people, the more you are going to reduce economic activity,” he said.

Meantime, Morris’ attorney Dale Marshall, who is also an Opposition MP, told Barbados TODAY that Government has not taken further action since sending the initial letter to his client indicating he was being charged with misconduct.

He has promised to vigorously defend the teacher in the matter.

When the move to discipline Reverend Morris came to light, Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley accused the administration of trying to intimidate Barbadians into silence.

She also charged that the DLP administration was going after selective people while turning a blind eye to teachers and others who appeared on political platforms and political advertisements in the midst of general elections.


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