‘Politics’ hurting Serenader

Despite feeling he was given a raw deal again this year, calypsonian Elenza Serenader Brewster says he’ll be back in 2015, and “I’ll be bringing the bailiff”.


“I’ve been unsuccessful this season. Actually, I usually have a good season every Crop Over. The only thing is the decision making of the artiste to perform certain places, which I’m disappointed in, because you can see there are other people who are favourites, who may not have a tune like you. You might have the better song, but that don’t mean you will be there.

“I made it to the Semi-Final stage, but there were some challenges. I realize that there was a challenge with my rehearsal coming into the Final time.

“I realize that I had some musical notes that were putting me off, and they corrected that, and I went to the Semi-Finals and those notes that had been correct at the rehearsals popped back up and that threw me overboard. And I am wondering if it is a mistake, or if it was deliberate,” Serenader revealed, stating categorically that he was not placing the blame for this on anyone.

The veteran entertainer, with over 40 years in the industry, has also suggested he has been the subject of political victimization and has called for a change in the management of the festival saying that “people that managing Crop Over . . . have never had dealing with kaiso or nothing like that before, and that is the downfall.

“Take politics out of it. That is one of the reasons why persons like me find it hard to get a job. Because . . . I don’t hide it; people know that I am with the Barbados Labour Party. They know I support it. But that is my democratic right. I am not against them for supporting the party that they like.

“To be honest, my reason for being here is hoping that Barbadians would see and read what I have been going through for the last seven years as an artiste, who didn’t have a bad season. There have been all kinds of Cohobblopots and everything would come. You would hear people who can’t sing, who doan have a tune as good as mine . . . and it is not only my one who is feeling these pains. It is other people. It cannot be good for the art form,” Serenader posited.

He suggested that the role of calypsonians such as himself, the John Kings, Pompeys and Smokey Burkes was to encourage the youth, but this was not what was happening when you looked at the various show cards.

“You pick the tunes that aren’t good that the youth are singing. They could only head in that direction; but if you have a mixture between them, then you
have a choice.

“Right now they are learning that they have to sing –– if yuh notice a lot of people who you wouldn’t expect to be in social commentary are into it now.”


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