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Workers walk for their health

The Barbados Chamber of Commerce (BCCI) challenged Barbadian businesses to walk to improve their health and wellness. And some 45 companies with more than 1,725 employees answered the call when they participated in the Walk The Talk – 100 Days To Wellness competition.

This morning at the BCCI office on Deighton Road in St Michael the top ten performers and companies were awarded.

Top walker with more than five million steps under her belt, Gale Allenye, being congratulated by her boss Executive Director of the TVET Council Henderson Eastmond.

Top walker with more than five million steps under her belt, Gale Allenye, being congratulated by her boss Executive Director of the TVET Council Henderson Eastmond.

Speaking at the prize giving ceremony, Chairman of the organising committee, David Neilands, challenged participants to continue with the physical activity and appealed to the not so physically active to get moving.

Highlighting the fact that Barbados had gained the infamous reputation of being the amputation capital of the world, he said being active was important to avoid the complications and risks associated with non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

“We have involved everybody in this process because there is no name on this particular problem of NCDs. We are going to have them for many years, they are not going to go away tomorrow but we have to keep doing something about it and the same habitual effort that you all have gone through with your pedometers we have got to keep doing it,” Neilands said as he noted that a healthy employee is a productive employee.

“This is about a recognition of businesses that the fit employee, the productive employee, the happy employee is one who is going to enjoy life, work better for the organization and is going to highlight the need that we all have for an improved economy. If you come to work and don’t feel like working . . . what value are you to yourself, what value are you to the business. It is important that when people go home in the evening that they have another life, that they feel fit enough to carry on and do something else in the evening and all that is about being physically fit,” he added as he urged workers to encourage their friends to also get active.

The top five companies were the Massy Stores Barbados Limited, A-One Supermarkets, Unicomer Barbados Limited, Stansfeld Scott & Company Ltd and the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO).

For the second consecutive year, Gale Alleyne of the TVET Council was the most outstanding walker. She recorded more than five million steps and she told the media she lost some 15 pounds in the process.

Johnson Johnrose of the CTO came a close second was 4.7 million steps. Winfield Walcott, also of the CTO, was third; Felix Delice of the TVET Council was fourth; and Deon Thompson of Stansfeld Scott & Co rounded off the top five.


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