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Promoter responds to Professor Fraser’s comments on partying

One local promoter has responded to a statement by Professor Henry Fraser this week that Barbadians need to stop feting and start working.

Speaking in the Upper Chamber, Senator Fraser had noted that Barbados had built its reputation “as a solid country with a sober, Christian, hard working people who could be trusted to give an honest day’s work for a fair day’s pay, but he lamented, “that is not what we have been seeing [in recent] times”.

However, speaking with Barbados TODAY this morning at the National Cultural Foundation’s (NCF) offices at West Terrace, St James, Vilmore Johnson stated that there was no empirical evidence to suggest that the party habits of Barbadians was having a direct impact on their work ethic. And he challenged Professor Fraser to provide proof.

“I do a lot of partying and my work ethic is very high. I can only speak for myself, I can’t speak for the general public [but] I would have to see some sort of evidence produced to substantiate that claim. It is all well and good to say things, but you have to have statistics and facts to prove that. And if there are facts and evidence to prove [that], well then we need to do something about that.”

However, “in the absence of that [evidence], I am saying that it is a little difficult for me to endorse that comment, based on the fact it was just said by some body. For me, that is a little difficult to prove.  There is no imperial evidence to suggest that lot of partying has an effect on the work ethic of Barbadians,” he stressed.

Johnson, who is the advertising manager at Starcom Network Inc., encouraged all Barbadians to go out and support all the events being held during the Crop Over season since the Crop Over festival makes a direct injection into the Barbados economy.

“The NCF cannot run these events unless they have some kind of funding. That funding may come in sponsorship but as you know times are very hard and sponsors are not coming on board as they used to. So if you don’t have the amount of sponsorship for the events then you need to have gate receipts and the gate receipts come from the support from Barbadians [and] visitors,” he told Barbados TODAY.

“We know we need more sponsorship in Crop Over, but we also need more consumers of the product offerings within the season. I am not entirely convinced that the numbers at some of our events could not be more, hence I urge those people who can make a meaningful and worthwhile contribution to do so. Crop Over is our festival and we should never be ashamed to step up when the need arises to do what is best for the stake of the national festival. So I urge all Barbadians to come out, support the remaining events of the season,” Johnson added.


7 Responses to Bring us proof

  1. Jonathan Reid
    Jonathan Reid July 26, 2014 at 9:24 am

    Well said Vilmore

  2. Patrick Blackman July 26, 2014 at 11:07 am

    If you spend your money on feting you cannot pay your bills.

  3. Tony Waterman July 27, 2014 at 2:03 am

    As someone who grew up in Barbados, and who attended Fetes all over Barbados, i am going to throw my Hat in with prof. Fraser, i don’t need any Statistics to tell me what i can see. You sir has a VESTED interest in seeing people go out anf support these NCF Fetes because you are part of the Organisation and don’t ant to end up looking Bad, and that is a SELFISH reason to encourage people to go out and Spend what they don’t have. Bajans (Not all of them) but inGeneral Have become Lazy, and i also thing that you are not accepting the Prof’s Statement Because of who he is.

  4. Tony Waterman July 27, 2014 at 2:05 am

    I Come to Barbados Every Year, and i see it when i go to do Business in almost any Institution (Mainly Govt.) it is actually very Annoying, and Unproductive, no doubt the Econmomy is in the mess it is in

  5. Tony Waterman July 27, 2014 at 2:08 am

    Prof. Henry Fraser. Bruggadung Johnson from the Paint Co. Dr.Francis Chandler. they all say Similar things, and i don’t think they are wrong. i think they are just the wrong Colour, we have got to get past that Mentality for the good of the Country

  6. Jackie Alleyne July 27, 2014 at 7:55 am

    Unfortunately, it is true and sad to say – I have experienced the worst customer service skills and production from some people in Bim, however there are a few that are very dedicated and knowledgeable in their field. It is very annoying the excuses you hear: this person is at lunch, out the island or off sick and no-one to continue your business until THEY return. Or the computer is slow today or the system is down. What people fail to see is when you go to other countries, there are no long queues and no excuses – just good customer service, politeness and efficiency. There is always room for improvement…..

  7. Nessa July 28, 2014 at 12:51 am

    I completely agree with mr johnson. It is an unfounded statement that Professor fraser made, the amount of partying a person does, does not directly correlate with their work ethic while it may have an impact on performance, he made it out to be the primary reason which I guarantee it’s not. I also think it is ignorant for skin color to be brought into matter dealing solely with work ethic, I would be just as upset had any other person said red white black blue pink or yellow . I don’t see barbadians partying an harder than any other nationality of ppl. To mr waterman i guarantee that you are neither the first nor the last to have issue with the work ethic of government workers trust me their laziness has nothing to do with partying but due to a sense of entitlement why you may ask? Because of who they work for GOVERNMENT, in at 9am lunch for 1hr or whenever they decide to return and work is done by 3:30 when the sign outside clearly states 9am-4pm.

    And assuming you are a non-national I don’t see how you are in a position to say that this is also the reason why “the Econmomy is in the mess it is in”. Our economy is in the mess its in due a selfish minded mentality by the persons that call themselves leader of this country and their unintelligent spending and misappropriation of funds.

    And to ms. alleyne are we not all human? I suppose we should carry on like work horses till the day we die? Are we not entitled to vacation/break? I’m sure you’ve missed work at some point due to illness (i know i have) and I’ve yet to find the perfect computer system that does not crash or slow down due to the overwhelming amt of information stored on it or the multiple program being run simultaneously for the purpose of duties (which is my personal experience from working at a call center). While other countries according to you may have “just good customer service” they also have instances of poor customer service as well while you may not have had the short end of the customer service stick, I assure you others have. My family and I’ve experience awful customer service at the airport in ottawa while travelling (and we were the only ones who refrained from using colourful language) and I’m sure it’s not partying related. I implore you to listen to this comcast call whereby a customer is trying to cancel his service but the rep is simply not having it.


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