Alleyne: MMA needs to level up

The Mixed Martial Arts body in Barbados would like to take the sport to another level but needs more support, says coordinator of the Caribbean Fight League, Rollins Alleyne.

Rollins Alleyne
Rollins Alleyne

Speaking at a media briefing at Bubba’s Sports Bar today, Alleyne said even though things were looking up for the sport locally they wanted to take the sport further.

“For our next event we are hoping to take it to the gymnasium and would love about five thousand people to attend because we want to take this to the UFC and say we have this event in Barbados which would be good for the sport.

“For the longest while we have been looking for someone to sponsor the sport and now we have one it is time for more locals to step up and support. But it seems on the big day we tend not to deliver. But we have one sponsor and we hope that the athletes would appreciate that and take the sport even more seriously,” Alleyne said.

He added that advertising could be costly but it was vital in promoting the sport locally.

“If we had a bundle of cash we would advertise in the newspapers and use other media. But we are making steady progress and to go one step further we need gyms to train in, funds to bring persons to do seminars and all those things which cost money. So we just need to get more people involved,” the coordinator said.

At the moment Government does not support MMA and Alleyne is hoping that the Ministry of Sports would come on board and assist in any way they can to help the sport grow and become bigger in Barbados. He said the reality was not far-fetched and that one day a Barbadian fighter could get to the UFC.

“If one of these fighters gets to the UFC then persons are going to say ‘I know him and he used to train with me’. But we need to start supporting our own,” Alleyne said.  


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  1. Francis McClean
    Francis McClean July 26, 2014 at 2:00 pm

    Hang in there boss I know the road is rough. Hopefully the bigger heads will step up and give some assistance. And I hope some businesses see this article and provide the needed sponsorships.


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