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Taxes affecting donations, says Husbands

Charitable donations from corporate Barbados and individuals have nose-dived over the past two years.

This is according to head of the Drug Education and Counseling Services (DECS) Roger Husbands, who has blamed the decline on the current economic climate.

Husbands said one company even indicated it could not make any donation because it has to find the funds to pay thousands of dollars to Government for the Municipal Solid Waste Tax.

Husbands, the director and chairman of DECS, is urging Government to consider charitable organisations when implementing taxes due to the vital role they play in society.

“Sometimes we barely keep our doors open and some charities have to even close because they are not getting the kind of support necessary. When Government introduces taxes and don’t consider charities it puts pressure on us to look to see how we can find funding . . . . As you continue to place taxes on us, fewer people would give because they have less money in their pockets to give. It is very difficult to maintain a budget with additional taxes coming,” he said.

Husbands was speaking during a press conference this morning held at the DECS headquarters on Bay Street, St Michael where he issued an appeal for help with funding to buy a new home for the organisation, which works with troubled youth.

He revealed that DECS has identified a building in the City but must come up with $280,000 to be paid in four yearly installments of $70,000.

He called on the public and corporate Barbados to make donations towards the acquisition of the facility which, he said, has become a necessity.

“We are asking the public of Barbados to support this cause and go to any donation can situated at supermarkets and business outlets across the island. The building is necessary because this one that we are in currently is too small. We are in need of a bigger facility so we are asking the public to help us with that,”  he said.


2 Responses to Consider charities

  1. Prince Nick
    Prince Nick July 16, 2014 at 10:07 pm

    He does talk a lot of garbage

  2. Robert Holloway
    Robert Holloway July 16, 2014 at 10:21 pm

    People who give to charity budget for that and are normally committed. It is the public appeal ones if they are not on your list that can suffer if ones expenses are tight . We have the same issue here , more appeals , less response


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