Junior Calypso Monarch finalists selected

The nine finalists in the 13 to 18 Junior Monarch category .
The nine finalists in the 13 to 18 Junior Monarch category .

When the finals of the 2014 Scotiabank Junior Calypso Monarch competition takes place next weekend, just who will be take the crown in both the eight to 12 and 13 to 18 categories is anyone’s guess.

Last night in the gymnasium of the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex, the battle for the 16 positions to have a chance at the title on July 19 was keenly fought. From all accounts the results were close, so close that in the 13 to 18 category it is understood that there was a tie, hence no reserve contestant was announced.

Standing out was Asher Dynamo Murrell who told the audience Don’t Count Me Out, Trezelle Jatanya Alleyne who sang about the love of Brand Name and Jade Jade Grant and her Tribute To Kerry Ann Ifill in the Juniors’ category.

In the Seniors, Jamal Slocombe, in powerful voice, told Barbadians to Come Together. His presentation on the night made him one of the favourites, as were Daryan DJ Jordan’s Rude Boy Anthem and his fellow Lodge School mate Kymorhi Mighty KT Jordan’s A Child’s Plea.

Tears of both joy and sorrow flowed as did wide triumphant smiles as, just after midnight, emcee for the night, Carl Alff Padmore announced the finalists in both categories.

This year’s competition is made more interesting given that there are no reigning Monarchs in either category. Quinn Quinn P Prescott, who was the victor in the eight to 12 category last year, moved into the 13 to 18 age group and was among the hopefuls vying for the title this year, while Charice Walrond ended her junior reign last year.

Advancing in the eight to 12 category are: Liana Black Beauty Ifill, Asher Dynamo Murrell, Jade Jade Grant, Trezelle Jatanya Alleyne, Keonai Kiki Boo Walker, Princess Mighty Make’da Thomas, Raanan Raanan Hackett and Karia Star-Fire Campbell. The reserve is Asha Sugar Apple Holder.

In the 13 to 18 category: Adela Ah-Dee-Lah Payne, Chad De MC Montplasir, Daryan DJ Jordan, Jamal Slocombe, Kymorhi Mighty KT Trotman, Moesha Nubian Queen Daniel Rickardo RJ Reid, Samantha Sammy G Greaves and Teri Sparkle T WIlliams-Niles. 

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  1. Veroniva Boyce
    Veroniva Boyce July 6, 2014 at 2:47 pm

    Well done to all of you!!


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