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What an Experience!

The Doctor serves up some sweet medicine for Crop Over

A doctor, who was in the house at The Experience calyso tent on opening night last Wednesday at the Plantation Garden Theatre in St Lawrence, Christ Church, was able to properly diagnose the musical situation and prescribe the right cure.  

Well, needless to say, he was The Doctor, of course. Real name Kennedy Springer, he treated the sparse audience that included former Prime Minister Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford to the sweetest medicine I have heard coming out of any tent in years.

The Doctor

The Doctor

Oh dear, oh dear, this Doctor, who has those tones like Trinidadian kaisonian Baron, delivered two smooth and enchanting renditions –– Highest Praise and Dreaming –– that had me spellbound.

I said to myself: “Self, you could listen to him all night.”

And, yes, I got a second opportunity to hear him in the first half of the show when he received an encore.

The Doctor’s melodic structure and his rendition allowed him to simply use his honey-coated vocal timbre to ride the rhythm like a boat sliding over rippling waves in a gentle breeze.

Yes, his songs, though not necessarily Pic-O-De-Crop social commentary material, as is traditionally considered, provided some great inspiration, and perhaps the producers of the Crop Over Gospel could consider sticking him in somewhere as a surprise act.

James Slim Jim Leacock, doing Policia with a Latin feel and Whole In The Bucket for judging, and Apache, singing The Missing Ship and Who Cry For The Children?, also for judging, provided another relatively high standard of calypso. Julianna Juel Trotman showed confidence with her impressive stage presence and appealing delivery.

But she, like some others such as Jackie Lady Mums Watson, first-timer Carlyle Brother C Austin and Ron Black Eagle Clarke, needs to work a little more on her diction.

Lady Mums

Lady Mums

Black Eagle

Black Eagle

Overall, though, I think calypso tent cast provides an experience that one can cherish. The Experience will be judged tonight at the same venue at 8 o’clock.


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