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Soca only for Rick! 

If entertainer Lil Rick had his way, all radio stations in Barbados would be made to play soca music only for the entire duration of the Crop Over season.

Speaking to Barbados TODAY during a recent interview, the artiste, whose real name is Ricky Reid, said while he understood deejays on the radio stations were “trying their best” and wanted to share the air time with other genres, more airplay was needed for local songs. The issue has been discussed for more than a decade now.

Lil Rick

Lil Rick

Reid said radio stations started out each year by playing about 20 per cent of soca music and that would incrementally increase over the season.

“So you only get like a 100 per cent of soca in July, and that is when the Crop Over [is] nearly done. I would like to get the radio stations, and I am not singling out one, but if you can get all the radio stations to an understanding that [from] May it is Crop Over, we’ll get soca right through.

“As [soon as] you turn on that radio you hear soca music blasting off. You don’t have no choice! If you want to hear other things, you go and get a CD, or go on the Internet,” he said.

Reid believes if all the radio stations would play soca only for the season, it would encourage artistes to produce more.

When contacted, president of the Association of Music Entrepreneurs, George Thomas, would only say the issue was one which had been talked about for too long, and that what was needed was less talk and more action.

Entertainer Peter Ram told Barbados TODAY he dealt with the issue by not tuning in to the radio stations because it would only get him upset.

“I deal with the vibes of the people. I depend on the people to call me and [say], ‘Ram, I hear yuh tune today’. That is how  I know, well, my tune is working,” he said.

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