Delta returning to Barbados

Airline to bring 33,000 more visitors a year

Delta Airlines is returning to Barbados from December 4, and bringing 33,000 more visitors a year with it.

Acting President and Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Tourism Authority Petra Roach announced at a press briefing this morning at the Courtyard at Marriott that Delta will fly the Atlanta/Barbados/New York and New York/Barbados/Atlanta routes twice a week.

The airline will operate two aircraft simultaneously on Thursdays and Saturdays, with a seating capacity of 160, comprising 16 business class seats, 18 economy comfort seats and 126 economy seats.

“We’re really looking forward to this partnership. I think that we have recognised that the US market has a total population of 317 million. The New York Tri-State Area – which is the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut area – that in itself has 18.3 million . . . ,” Roach said.

“We have looked at the forecast, and even though the IMF [International Monetary Fund] has downgraded the [growth] forecast from 2.8 to two per cent in the US economy, the forecast for 2015 remains the same, with strong positive growth projected of three percent.”

Therefore, the acting CEO added: “We are . . . waiting for the market to actually rebound. We recognise that this is where it’s going to be going and therefore that service goes in there on December 4, 2014.”

It is the first time Delta would be operating out of New York into Barbados with connections to more than 19 cities via Atlanta and New York.

Delta’s Manager for Sales in the Caribbean Richard Price hinted at the possibility of the airline increasing its twice-weekly service to three or even four in the foreseeable future.

Price assured that the existing ties with the Government would continue and be enhanced.

“We will continue to foster that good working relationship because we see the avenues of opportunities that we are going to bring with these two new flights,” asserted the Delta executive.

“As you know, Atlanta will connect you to 220 destinations from the flight from Barbados.”

Chairman of the BTA Adrian Elcock said Barbados would continue exploring other markets for airlift, with the current focus on Brazil and other parts of Latin America and Europe.


2 Responses to Delta returning to Barbados

  1. Margaret Bajanz Ebony
    Margaret Bajanz Ebony June 23, 2014 at 11:23 pm

    Its about time they start back .

  2. David E Hall
    David E Hall June 24, 2014 at 12:32 am

    Am hoping that these seats are all legitimate and that BTA is not going be paying the airlines, as they often seem to do, for tons of empty seats in exchange for they coming.


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