PriceSmart lifts Cuban ban

Officials and employees of the Cuban Embassy in Barbados can once again access goods and services from the American buying club PriceSmart.

Consul of the Cuban Embassy in Barbados Oresdes Hernandez made this disclosure today after receiving a letter from management of PriceSmart this week, informing the embassy that all accounts had been restored.

“We welcomed the letter from PriceSmart and believe that the embargo should not have happened. The lifting of the embargo shows how isolated US policy to Cuba is, even inside the USA,” Hernandez said.

Ealier this year, PriceSmart closed all accounts held by the embassy, in keeping with the 50-year-old economic embargo on Cuba which prohibited the sale of goods manufactured in the United States to Cuba.

Following the imposition of the ban in Barbados, Cuban sympathisers and pan-Africanists David Comissiong, Robert “Bobby” Clarke and St Michael East Member of Parliament Trevor Prescod voiced their concern and called on the Freundel Stuart administration to protect Barbados’ sovereignty in the face of the United States crippling economic embargo against a fellow Caribbean state.

Meanwhile, Barbados TODAY has learned that PriceSmart has also lifted the ban on the sale of goods manufactured in the United States for PriceSmart and sold to the Cuban Embassy in Jamaica.

A Press statement from Jamaica’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said: “The ministry understands that PriceSmart has formally advised the Cuban Embassy that it has been authorized to sell consumer merchandise to Cuban diplomats and consular officers, as well as their dependents who are staying at Cuban embassies and Consular Missions outside Cuba.”

In a statement, Cubans there welcomed the decision and thanked the Foreign Ministry and the government and people of Jamaica for the solidarity displayed and the efforts made.

“I welcome this new development and look forward to sharing the news with my CARICOM colleagues who had agreed with Jamaica that the matter might be examined by the CARICOM Legal Affairs Committee,” Minister of Foreign Affairs A.J. Nicholson said.

2 Responses to PriceSmart lifts Cuban ban

  1. Olutoye Walrond June 19, 2014 at 6:49 pm

    There is hope for justice after all.

  2. Edward Millington June 19, 2014 at 7:44 pm

    An American company can come into Barbados and practice racism, let’s call it by its real name “racism”. China, Russia, North Korea are all communist countries and have trading and other relations with the USA, what is different about Cuba ?


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