Stepped up campaign against chikungunya

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Ministry of Health officials have begun going into ‘high-risk’ communities to press home the need for residents to keep their surroundings clear of mosquito breeding sites in the wake of last week’s discovery of the first ‘imported’ case of the chikungunya virus.

Yesterday, Minister of Health John Boyce led a team from the ministry on a public sensitization campaign in Chikungunya 2Goodland Gardens, Bourne’s Land, and Sayes Court handing out flyers on the aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits both chikungunya and dengue fever.

We want to really make sure that we leave no stone literally unturned in regards to making sure that that threat is minimised,” Minister Boyce said.

I’m certainly happy with the results we’ve been having so far,” he added, while noting that the number of dengue fever cases are down.

Chief Environmental Health Officer, Tyrone Applewhite said the ministry would be conducting a series of walkthroughs that will continue throughout the year.

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We want to let Barbadians know that they must play a role in reducing the number of mosquitoes in the country,” he said.

We want to go into places like Sargeants Village, we want to go places like Deacons, Black Rock, Rockley.Chikungunya 4 There are a large number of places that we have identified so we want to make sure that throughout the balance of the year we have an impact in almost all of these communities,” Applewhite added.

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  1. Jon Near
    Jon Near June 8, 2014 at 8:06 am

    I caught dengue in Barbados in 2007. Got bitten to death I’m rockley going surfing on a beach there! Not nice, but hasn’t stopped us coming over. Damned mossies!


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