Sealy: Stalwart MPs should pen memoirs

Government MP Richard Sealy has made a case for the publication of biographies of former parliamentarians.

Sealy made this call today in the House of Assembly while speaking on the contribution made by the late Lionel Craig during his political career which began in 1966.

Richard Sealy
Richard Sealy

“We see too many of our stalwarts graduate to another place and we are left to reflect and research on their life experiences,” the St Michael South Central MP said.

“I believe we have to develop a culture for people to develop their own manuscripts, not only in politics, [but also] people in religion, people in business and leaders generally.

“We need to have more material on the experiences of these men and women.

“I think, for example, Craig’s memoirs would have been very interesting reading material for students of history. Twenty years in Parliament would span the final days of Barbados as a colony and the early days of the nation state. In my view, it would make very interesting reading.”

Sealy used as an example the former Jamaican Prime Minister Edward Seaga putting out a two-part publication on his political career which includes the colonial Jamaica and the early days of Independence.

“Unfortunately,” Sealy said, “too many of our stalwarts here in Barbados have graduated and we do not have the benefit of their own story in writing. I hope that will change. Prime Minister Freundel Stuart made the point that few persons of the 1966 Parliament are alive today. Sir Frederick Smith is perhaps the only one of the 1961 parliament who is still alive.

“We, who are in active politics today, should take the time and develop our own manuscripts,” Sealy added.


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