Put less focus on money, says Agard

At this juncture of Barbados’ history, politicians need to engage in serious introspection as to where they are heading as leaders of the country.

Parliamentary representative for Christ Church West, Dr Maria Agard, issued this warning today in the House of Assembly while paying tribute to the late parliamentarian and Cabinet minister Lionel Craig.

Dr. Maria Agard
Dr. Maria Agard

Expressing grave concern at the role money is playing in the island’s politics, she said: “I believe that one fundamental plank of a stable society is that the majority of the people believe that they can realise their future, that nothing is beyond their reach.

“They must not be led to believe that money is the lone determining factor in the success of a politician. We must stop and ask ourselves if we really want to continue along this trend where money appears to play such a major role in the success of a candidate.

“Do we really want to perpetuate this trend? Do we really want to be part of the 21st Century political class where, in a generation or two, those who present themselves as candidates can only be the sons and daughters of millionaires or be vulnerable to sponsorship of big business?

“Now I would never say that any of us in this Chamber are guilty of such a despicable act, but I put the possibilities out there today because a time must come for self-regulation of politics and the politicians,” the Christ Church West MP added.

Agard expressed the hope that she would live to see the day Barbadians reject the role money now plays in the political culture of the country.


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