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One of this country’s emerging Christian artistes is in dire need of a new, healthy kidney.

Nayan Nayan Warrington, who has been experiencing problems with his kidneys for the better part of this year, told High Note this evening he was in the process of getting a transplant.

“Some tests are now being done with potential donors,” disclosed Nayan, who is known for his debut hit Mr. War-In-Ton. He said one such potential donor was Andrew Thornhill, a friend with whom he recorded his music.


“I am doing some tests with him. My sister is also a potential donor.”

He is now at home resting up and waiting for his day to come.

The Dominica-born Christian reggae singer, who has made Barbados his home, has also produced such popular songs as People In The World, As I Sit and Pray.

His goal is “souls before fans”.

Nayan believes he is the vehicle God is using to transport the message of hope, transformation, faith, love, salvation, positive mindsets, and emulating Jesus through music.

He views this ministry as an opportunity to share with everyone and anywhere God will have him go.

Never letting anything get in the way of his purpose being fulfilled, Nayan is driven by a calling and responsibility to impact and sees himself as a teacher and a social commentator who, through his reggae/dancehall music, uses Biblical issues that relate to everyday living.

“When we get caught up with how people think and what people say, that’s when we, as artistes, go off track,” Nayan declared. “My goal is to teach, to share a lot of meditation and introspective songs that motivate.”

He also describes his songs as short sermons on a sound track.

Nayan’s entrance into gospel music started in a big way in Barbados when he was asked to lead a song in a chorale just after moving here. He has performed at events such as Hoszia Hinds in Concert at Solidarity House and at JamFest. We cannot afford to lose a talent such as his and Barbadians, especially those in the gospel music fraternity who care, should play their part in whatever way possible – kidney donation, financial contributions to his medical expenses and recuperation, moral support and prayer.

In other news, the impact of the recent Pine Hill Dairy Ultimate Gospel produced by Barbados Gospelfest continues to be felt among those who were privileged to be there.

Word is that people are still talking about it in glowing terms.  The executive producer of the event, Adrian Agard has already said the attendance was the biggest ever. That performance by headliner and Grammy award winning artiste Bishop Hezekiah Walker and his Love Fellowship Choir, will go down in the annals of Christian events as unforgettable and momentous.

Of course, all the other guest acts which ministered that evening demonstrated the highest standard and impact as well. Tye Tribbett, the Grammy award-winning headliner at the other major Gospelfest concert – the LIME One Awesome Day at the Farley Hill National Park – has already expressed his appreciation for the response he received from Barbadians.

I am sure he would be welcomed to return, along with Sherwin Gardner, who also impressed greatly. For next year’s Gospelfest, I would love to see Israel And New Breed.

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