Construction a major headache

St Lawrence Gap entrance

Multi-million dollar renovations to the Sandals Barbados resort located in St Lawrence Gap, Christ Church is proving to be a major headache for operators of a neighbouring property.

Two of the operators of the Amaryl Apartments, who did not want to be identified by name, complained that the construction being carried out by the Jamaican-based hotel chain next to their property on 4th Avenue, Dover, was causing them some serious worry, as guests were considering leaving ahead of time.

One of the proprietors explained that guests were unable to use the swimming pool as they would like because of the amount of dust coming across the property from the nearby construction site. The spokesperson also complained about shaking and vibration when workmen were using heavy equipment, as well as the constant noise and about the time work got started on mornings.

She said she had met with the manager of the Sandals construction site because they were starting at 7:30 a.m. despite promising that work would start at 8 a.m. and would go no later than 6 p.m. each day.

The proprietor said a mesh fence was erected along the perimeter of the work area after she spoke with the management. However, she said it was not helping the situation. She said the solution was to put up plywood instead, which would keep out the noise and dust.

“If they would put up plywood instead everything would be fine but they don’t do that. Everyday we have to go and get maids here to clean. From the minute they start [construction], the pool can’t be used anymore.

“We have guests in here and they want to leave because  the noise is unbearable,” she said, adding: “We can’t all suffer and lose our guests because of them.”

One of the Amaryl guests who spoke to Barbados TODAYsaid she was considering leaving earlier than planned.

“The vibration has been ridiculous. Whole day on [Sunday] the whole ground was shaking. We have had a few things fall over [but] the biggest thing is the noise. They start early and even on Sunday they worked all day. We haven’t had one moment of peace,” she said.

“Dust is covering everything and I have asthma and it is really aggravating. I have been coughing a lot,” added the guest.

A spokesperson for Sandals said so far they have been able to meet with at least one of the concerned parties and they were “working on a way to appease her”.

Heavy construction should be completed by the end of this week, the spokesman said, noting that the area in question will be home to office blocks for the renovated Sandals property.

The manager of the site did not respond to the messages left for him.


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