Ex-Drainage workers still awaiting moneys

Former workers at the Drainage Division are still waiting for moneys owed them, five months after the unit was shut down.

Confirmation of this has come from general secretary of National Union of Public Workers (NUPW), Dennis Clarke, following this morning’s meeting with National Conservation Commission (NCC) workers at the union’s Dalkeith headquarters.

“That is a problem . . . . We have been tracking it up until last week, and we have had promises made,” he said.

“[So] what we have to do now today is to push again to try to make sure that whatever difficulties were being experienced between the Ministry of the Environment and the Treasury, that those difficulties are resolved in the interest of the workers because it is totally unfair for these workers to be waiting five months for their retrenchment package and they can’t get it due to a situation that is not their own fault,” Clarke added.

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