In jeopardy?

Dry season could hurt 2015 crop

Next year’s cane crop may be in trouble if the rain does not come soon.

Management of the Barbados Farms Limited is hoping for showers of blessing after fire burnt acres of young cane at one of its fields in St Philip
this afternoon.

Up to nightfall, workers from Farms Limited were sprinkling water on a partially burnt Buttals field to prevent any more losses.

The fire which spread from a nearby field, started around 1 p.m. and took three hours to be brought under control.

“By the wind was so low and high it just got away. We have had some small fires earlier, but this is the most recent one and the largest of all.

“We are going to come in the morning and check so that we would know exactly how many acres have been burnt,” Andrew Kinch, Supervisor at Barbados Farms told Barbados TODAY.

Kinch said he was aware of the dry weather Barbados was experiencing, resulting in a recent rise in bush and cane field fires.

However, he stressed that in an effort to prevent any more burning of cane fields or other areas across the island, there was a need for the rains.

“The problems we are going to have with that now is if we don’t get some rain to help them it’s all over for them. We got to hope for some rain now on all of these fields that have been burnt to help save the life of the cane, otherwise the heat would just kill them all,” he indicated.

He added: “Last year wasn’t as dry as this year. It’s totally dry this year, so it is going to be like this every time you see there’s a fire anywhere.”

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