Shooters finish fourth

The Barbados National Long Range Rifle Team returned home today after competing in the annual West Indies Full-bore Shooting Council Championships in Jamaica staged from May 2 to 12.

Members of the Barbados shooting team.
Members of the Barbados shooting team.

The tournament saw the marksmen engaged in three days of individual shooting and two days for the coveted Milex Trophy and the West Indies Shooting Council Challenge Trophy.

The team managed and coached by Richard Arthur registered some success in the form of Monica Ramsay, Jason Wood and Javid Benjamin who came away with gold, silver and bronze at most ranges over 300 to 1000 yards. Veteran marksman captain Willoughby King was on target, capturing bronze overall in the ‘O’ Class. Shellyann Hinds was second overall shooting at 900 yards.

The Milex Trophy was shot on Saturday at 900 and 1000 yards with the team consisting of Richard Arthur – chief wind coach and marksman; Marlon King – wind coach and marksman; William Murrell – wind coach; and shooters Shellyann Hinds, Captain Willoughby King, Jason Wood, Javid Benjamin and Lancelot Trotman. The team placed fourth from a field of six.

The coveted West Indies Trophy was shot on Sunday at 300, 500 and 600 yards.  The Barbados team placed fourth from a field of six teams that included Antigua, Canada, Barbados, Bermuda, Guyana and Jamaica.  There was one change from the long range team with Monica Ramsay replacing Arthur who opted out due to shoulder injuries.

The thirteen member team was made up of Richard Arthur – manger/captain, Anthony Wood – adjutant, William Murrell – firearm officer, Marlon King, Captain Willoughby King, Makala Beckles-Jordan – medic/motivator, Nailah Michaels, Shellyann Hinds, Jason Wood, Donovan Baker, Lancelot Trotman, Monica Ramsay and Javid Benjamin.


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