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Jeremy Clarkson is a fun-loving man who has earned a lot of money through his Top Gear programme because he is extremely creative hard-working and funny. He has enough wealth to be able to take his family on holiday anywhere in the world; yet for years he has chosen Barbados for his family holidays.

May I ask why a man, who some are saying should be banned from Barbados because he is a racist, would choose to be met by my all black staff every time he lands here? And why would he choose Barbados whose population is 90 percent black if he dislikes black people?

I appeal to fellow black and all other colour Barbadians not to get fired up against this man because of some alleged utterance of the N-word by him, when his utterance is not even legible. Let us judge the man by what we Bajans know of him. He has repeatedly chosen to spend his holidays with us because he and his family love Barbados and us Bajans. He is not the horrible person that the media is making him out to be, and he should be welcomed here like a returning friend.

Top Gear is going to be like a shot of adrenalin for our tourism sector and many small entrepreneurs whose businesses will benefit from the influx of visitors are looking forward to it.

Let us raise ourselves out of the negative and rejoice in the fact that this man Clarkson is putting our island centrestage on the world map. Let us show the world that Barbados is a “can-do it” place where people of all races are welcome, and where anything can be achieved, because we Bajans will never accept “it can’t be done”.
SHELLY E. WILLIAMS, Entrepreneur


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