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NCF officer impressed with junior band kadooment theme for this year

After taking a break last year, the St Stephen’s Primary School Junior Kadooment band will be back on the road this year.

This morning, the Black Rock, St Michael school launched its 2014 band themed Historic Bridgetown And Its Garrison.

Bandleader and art teacher at the institution, Hezel Roberts, said the band targeted the entire school and would include over ten costumes all depicting various aspects of the themes. Zouave, Zouave Girl, Harbour Police, Jockey, Indian Boy, Indian Girl, Cow Boy and Cow Girl, are among the colourful costumes.

National Cultural Foundation co-ordinator of Junior Kadooment Adisa Aja Andwele, said he was happy to see that the school, which was sort of a success story as it relates to bringing a band, would be playing
mas this year.

“I am giving a big sigh of relief. Students I want you to give a round of applause for whoever is bringing this Kadooment band back to Crop Over,” he said.

Andwele also noted that he was impressed with the chosen theme, which he hoped would be executed well with the assistance of masqueraders.

“The costumes that they wear on Junior Kadooment Day should not just be something that they put on for the first time. But they should actually help to build it from conceptualization,” he said.

“To bring a band about the heritage site you have to do research, so the kids could go and do research in the community, research in the parish and research across Barbados . . . Through doing this, they would learn aspects of Barbados’ history. I want to encourage all of you to join the band.”

Member of Parliament for the area, Chris Sinckler, also commended the return of the band which he said he was looking forward to seeing on the road with a large representation of students.

“We weren’t able to come last year but this year we are back and of course as you know, and I know, St Stephen’s Primary School is a school of winners. We win sports, we win academics . . . .This Kadooment band is a band of winners and we will win.

“Even if we don’t get a prize we win because we will demonstrate to the rest of Barbados’ primary school population that St Stephen’s has culture too and we have culture deep within our roots in this particular community and this particular school,” said Sinckler.

The MP also commended the band’s theme which he said was timely and appropriate since Bridgetown and its Garrison was privileged to have been given the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site, making the country one of the few to have been granted that honour.

“The fact that you have chosen this theme to represent your band to project Barbados’ heritage is particularly important,” he said.

The band is expected to honour former successful female jockey Sonia Perkins who was presented at the launch with a trophy from the school for her achievements.

Briefly speaking to the students, Perkins said she has always believed that in order to get anywhere in life, an individual must be humble, gracious and respectful of those around.

“Be the best that you can be but always be respectful to those around you,” she urged. 

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  1. Olutoye Walrond May 10, 2014 at 5:13 pm

    Not really true to say that Barbados is “one of the few” countries to have been granted UNESCO World Heritage Site designation. In fact there are nearly one thousand such countries (981 to be precise), including many Caribbean countries.

    Cuba alone has nine such designations. Other countries include Antigua, Belize, Venezuela. Curacao, Bermuda, the Dominican Republic, St. Kitts and Belize.


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