11 mothers to be honoured

Eleven mothers –– one from each parish –– will be honoured at Mum, This One’s For You 14 on Sunday.

Special tribute will also be paid to the mothers of oustanding Barbadians, including those of cricketer Dwayne Smith, entertainer Edwin Yearwood and surfing champion and Sports Personality Of The Year Chelsea Tuach.

Desmond Weekes, organizer of the annual show, said those to be honoured were a few of “the countless unsung heroines in Barbados”.

“In our opinion, they are worthy of being held up as role models. Their children, who are recognized as outstanding Barbadian personalities, could not have climbed the ladder of success on their own. The inspiration and encouragement of their mothers would have been pivotal. So we are happy to be saluting them . . . along with two mothers of disabled chldren, two home helpers and two domestic workers.

“When you examine the lives of some of the greatest Barbadian men and women, you will find that their greatness is largely due to the care and nurturing of their mothers, especially those who grew up in the village. Their mothers taught them from early to respect their elders, they instilled discipline, they ensured the children followed the path of devotion to God, by attending church and being exposed to its teachings.”

Weekes stressed that now, more than ever, the story of the remarkable strength and character of our Barbadian women must be told.

“The show celebrates the contribution of women in general, but especially our hardworking mothers, to the development of Barbados,” he said. “And for as long as we are able, we will continue to choose and pay special tribute to mothers. Quietly, but significantly, these mothers have contributed to the development of their communities. They have mentored our young people, nurtured artistic and cultural talent, provided pastoral care, and generally uplifted and kept alive the community spirit.”

Weekes said he hoped that by honouring others, it would encourage young mothers to be good examples.

The Mother’s Day show, under the patronage of Minister of Social Care Steve Blackett, will be held at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre                 at 6 p.m.

Entertainers of yesteryear, as well as new artistes, will be among the performers. They include Weekes himself, Carlyn Leacock, Mac Fingall, the Israel Lovell Foundation, Anderson Blood Armstrong, John King and Alicia Yarde-Collins. There will also be stick-licking and stilt-walking. (PR/DP)

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