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UWI students willing to find ways to pay tuition fees from September

UWI Cave Hill Campus
UWI Cave Hill Campus

Barbadian undergraduate students at the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies say they are wiling to make some personal adjustments in order to pay tuition fees from September.

That’s according to the results of a survey conducted by lecturer in management studies in the Faculty of Social Sciences, Dr Dwayne Devonish, which also examined possible strategies that current students could utilize to continue their education, as well as strategies for prospective students to fund their studies.

The survey of 702 students was conducted in March.

The top three suggestions made by the students in making personal adjustments were: increasing personal savings and cutting unnecessary spending; finding additional, part-time employment or other revenue-generating options, and securing affordable loan arrangements with banks or credit unions.

The students also said Government and/or UWI should consider introducing and increasing tuition fees incrementally annually, provide affordable loan arrangement options or payment plans for Barbadian students, removing the fee payment for those already enrolled in the university system, implementing the tuition payment for new students, and asking students –– both new and continuing –– to pay only a portion of tuition costs.

It was also recommended that a student admission cap be implemented.

By doing that, the students suggested, Government could cover all costs for a certain number of students in each faculty annually.

Overall, the findings proposed that students might be willing to continue or pursue their studies once they were provided some ease in tuition fee payments, perhaps through the availability of affordable payment plans or loan arrangements. A UWI student loan package was recommended.

Please see full findings of the survey on Pages 14&15 of our digital ePaper –


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