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CTUSAB confesses to making mistakes handling layoffs

The head of the umbrella body for trade unions has admitted that unions have made mistakes in the handling of the layoff of public servants.

But general secretary of the Congress of Trade Unions and Staff Associations of Barbados (CTUSAB), Dennis De Peiza, doesn’t believe that this has eroded strides made by the movement over the past decades.

While he did not point to any union or issue, he is expecting the matters to be addressed during a closed-door retreat of CTUSAB’s executive board, which takes place between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. tomorrow at the headquarters of the National Union of Public Workers.

“We recognise in this instance that things have not gone as they should have, but that does not mean that they cannot be corrected. We recognise where the shortcomings are. We need to sit down and have a very clear understanding of what should be done going forward so that we can avoid the mistakes that have been made now,” he said.

De Peiza was peeved at the failure of some state agencies to implement the last in, first out principle.

He described it as appalling and said it must be regularised since it makes a mockery of the process established to deal with such matters.

“What we can concerned about is the consistency of the act and that is something that we believe on principle shouldn’t be allowed to continue,” he said, noting that Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler informed them today that he has given instructions for dismissed workers receive their benefits.

“It’s a matter of concern because clearly we would want to ensure that in any arrangement the practice of last in, first out principle applies. It has been drawn to our attention that they have come up short on this practice. We would have to continue to be vigilant and to speak out against it where something like this is fundamentally flawed we cat continue in perpetuity. We have to speak out against that,” the CTUSAB official said.

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