Resting in his ‘empire’

The Sons of God Apostolic Spiritual Baptist Church will now be led by a structure that its late Patriarch Granville Williams has left in place. But his son will be keeping a sharp eye on the church, and will “step in” if he has to.

This was the word from Archbishop Aaron Granville Williams, of Trinidad, as he spoke to Barbados TODAY yesterday evening, minutes after he had laid his father to rest on the property of the Christ Church, Ealing Grove Cathedral.

When asked if he would be leaving his homeland to come and head the church here, the archbishop said he had no answer to that at this time.

“The church has a structure that [the late patriarch] put in place, and they will go with that,” he said.

However, he indicated that although that structure was expected to be followed, wherever he was in the world, he would be fully monitoring the developments at the church, as he was determined to protect and preserve his father’s empire. He warned that if he saw any signs of dissension and discord, he would be coming for the church.

“If things go haywire, I will have to step in, but for now, I will let the structure fall in place.”

The archbishop also voiced his intentions during the sermon, which he themed Try The Other Side, when he urged church members not to allow his father’s hard work to go down the drain foolishly.

“You know the kind of battering my father went through. You know the kind of trials, the kind of tribulation, the kind of enemies he accumulated . . . . My father left Trinidad when I was six years old to come here. My loss was your gain,” he said to a packed mourning congregation.

Williams suggested to Barbados TODAY that the unfinished mausoleum where his father’s body was now resting would become an attraction for people the world over.

“Because of who he was, people from far and wide will come. Remember, there are churches all over the United States, and all over the world. People will be hearing about him and reading about him.”

The archbishop also commented on his father’s being buried on the property, an unusual occurrence in Barbados.

“I had just come back from Africa, and I heard that he died and I had to rush to get here. One of the first things I told them –– because this is family business –– they might be his spiritual family, but I am his biological and paternal son. Granville’s blood runs through my veins.

“The first thing I told them is that I do not want Daddy going into a cemetery. He has built an empire here, and I want to put him here as his final resting place,” Williams said. “But you know that had numerous of problems, because there is a lot of red tape. As long as there was water running underneath here, we could not have a tomb here.

“So the water people [Barbados Water Authority] had to come, the health people, the environmental people and they came in record time; and it is a good thing the Government was pro-Granville, and they cooperated.”

Mourners gathered to witness the final rites for Archbishop Aaron Granville Williams.
Mourners gathered to witness the final rites for Archbishop Aaron Granville Williams.


Concrete slab going down
Concrete slab going down.


Tomb sealed where Archbishop Aaron Granville Williams lays.
Tomb is sealed of Archbishop Aaron Granville Williams’ final resting place.




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