Clergyman raps colleagues for church division

Pastor Kevin Hunte
Pastor Kevin Hunte

by Carol Williams

A member of the clergy is telling his colleagues to stop the division and self-aggrandisement and get on with the business of saving Barbados from the state of emergency that it’s in.

The call was issued this evening by Pastor Kevin Hunte of the Abundant Life Assembly.

In his address at the May Day thanksgiving service of the Barbados Workers Union, Pastor Hunte said the church must be first in line to show its hands in the battle for the country.

It must not be the hands of the evangelicals, it must not be the hands of the Pentecostals of which I am a [member], it must not be the hands of the Anglicans, it must not be the hands of the Moravians, it must not be the hands of the Methodists,” he said, while speaking on the theme of the May Day celebration All hands on deck: The hope of our nation.

It must be the hands of the entire body. The time for division…must come to an end and the people of God must stand up and show a united front”.

Calling on some members of the clergy to turn from their wicked ways, the pastor said church leaders and their followers need to humble themselves before God in this time of challenge and calamity.

Bow low on the deck of this ship called Barbados and in humility before our Father. Repent of our sins and recognise that he is Lord. Let the church, all of her servant leaders, all of her members, let all of us humble ourselves; recognise that we are here to serve Barbados, Barbados is not here to serve us.” he said in the moving address.

GG being led
Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave leading the procession of dignitaries into the thanksgiving service.




Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave led the list of officials attending the service, which was filled with singing accompanied by music by the Royal Barbados Police Force band.

There were also presentations by the Springer Memorial School choir and the Excelsior Singers of Barbados.


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  1. dd smith April 28, 2014 at 1:04 pm

    Just talk, preacher man just talk. The best thing, try converting most of the churches to factories, employing bajans. manufacturing and exporting the products..


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