Cadogan takes on NISE challenge

In less than half the allotted days one Harris Paints employee has already reached the maximum steps in the National Initiative For Service Excellence (NISE) movement challenge.

In just 41 days, Rodney Cadogan, 33, recorded his one-millionth step for the 1 Million Steps in 100 Days initiative. He was rewarded by Total Sports at Cave Shepherd today for his efforts.

Rodney Cadogan trying his new sneakers, which he hopes to help him on his journey to a possible record two million steps. 
Rodney Cadogan trying his new sneakers, which he hopes to help him on his journey to a possible record two million steps.

Cadogan is a senior inventory assistant with Harris Paints, the company that captured the first prize in the same challenge last year, after its employees recorded the most combined steps.

The steps champion told the media that since the start of the challenge he would walk to and from his workplace in Wildey from his Bank Hall, St Michael home daily. That is roughly a 40-minute walk for Cadogan and about 5,000 steps a journey.

“On evening I would walk the longer way home,” he added, saying that his main aim was to lose some weight while ramping up the steps.

Cadogan lost 15 pounds over the 41 days.

An avid hiker, Cadogan said he would go walking for approximately five hours in almost all parishes on a weekly basis.

“I slowed down because I need a rest now [but] I will try to go for 2,000,000 steps. That might be pushing it but I can still make it,” he said.

The person in second place at that company recorded 600,000 during the same period.

Congratulating Cadogan, chief executive officer of NISE, Kim Tudor, said it seemed Harris Paints was determined to win the Prime Minister’s Award for the second time in a row.

Tudor said with 44 more days to go, of the six challenges in the 100 Improvements in 100 Days initiative, the movement challenge has been the most successful to date. She said the other five challengers were also “doing well”.

Over 600 individuals and 47 companies registered for the challenge.

Tudor explained that since the start there have been a number of spin-off benefits from that challenge, including people eating  more healthy and ensuring they get more rest.

She said organizations have also reported that since the movement challenge there has been an “ignited spark” among employees. Companies also reported an increase in the level of interaction among employees as well as improvement in productivity.

Tudor said she was not looking to make any tweaks to the programme at this time despite the possibility that the million steps could be achieved in less than 100 days.

Cadogan was presented with a pair of New Balance track sneakers from Total Sports, which should aid in his quest to stay ahead of his challengers. Cave Shepherd’s customer service and corporate communication manager Mark Anthony said the company would continue to support NISE in its initiatives as it sought to improve customer service across the island.


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