Vintage show the biggest yet

Last year it was stellar and now promoters are promising that the FAS Entertainment produced Digicel Vintage Reggae Show & Dance this year will
be better than ever.

The show, which was described as one of the top reggae shows in the world, comes off tomorrow at the 3Ws Theatre at the historic Kensington Oval. It features Jamaican acts like: Sanchez, Admiral Bailey, Frankie Paul, John Holt, Kofi, FAB 5, as well as locals Melody Man and Supa Ruben, along with deejays Alvin Toppin, Black Cat Sounds and Lil Rick. It will be hosted by Admiral Nelson.     Speaking at a media briefing this morning, promoter Freddie Hill said there was much public interest surrounding the show and he revealed that ticket sales for the show were on par with last year.

Entertainer John Holt who was also present at today’s briefing said he was ready to hit the stage.

“It is more than a pleasure to be here to perform for you . . . . I’m not a dancer so I will just be doing some singing. Over the years the promoters have been doing a very good job in getting all of these together, it is not an easy road but . . . they are really on top of things to bring such a good show to this country. Barbados is a very beautiful island I love and I’m am always happy to come back here,” he said.

Vintage Reggae will be the second show of this year’s festival. The first, Digicel Reggae Beach Party took place on Monday. The festival continues on Saturday with Digicel Bajan Reggae Night at the Reggae Lounge in St Lawrence Gap and ends on Sunday with Digicel Reggae On The Hill at Farley Hill National Park.

Speaking on the Bajan Reggae Night, FAS director Al Gilkes said that show in particular had been the launching pad for many local artistes and he called on all Barbadians to go out and support them.

“Over the years we have always insisted that all of our shows are supplemented heavily with local acts. This is the only series of shows that nobody can say it doesn’t support local entertainment. A few years ago we decided not only will we have a large contingent at shows but we decided we will give the local acts their own shows,” he added.

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