All lost in fire

House in Hawkins Gap completely engulfed

Hours after Raymond Belgrave warned someone not to enter the unoccupied house he owned, it was engulfed in flames.

The fully furnished house at Hawkins Gap, Westbury Road, St Michael, was destroyed by fire which started around 12:30 before officers from
the Barbados Fire Service, Probyn Street, Bridgetown headquarters were able to bring the blaze
under control.

A shocked and emotionally shaken Belgrave who lives at another residence told reporters that he was at his Pine Hill Dairy canteen job when he received numerous calls informing him that the house in which he spent most of his childhood and adult years was engulfed in flames, just hours after he warned someone not to trespass on the property.

He said he doubted the news at first.

“This is where I actually grow up, right here in Hawkins Gap and the house gone. And the thing about it is that only this morning I warned some person not to go back in the house and three hours after the house burn down. It is just a shock to me. It was a completely furnished house with bed, wardrobes, centre piece, whatever, you name it. The house supposed to start getting build over from Monday next week, that is just my luck I guess,”
the 40-year-old said.

Meanwhile, a combined effort from young men in the area prevented other houses from being damaged by the furious flames.

Shon Wiltshire was one of those residents who offered a helping hand. Recalling the efforts, he said he was painting a gate when he started to smell smoke and saw that a house was on fire.

Wiltshire explained: “The boys from the canal there so run round the corner and we do what we had to do. We tried to get as many hoses as possible to out the other two houses. We tried and tried to wet them down.”

Meanwhile, Andre Sealy who also lives in the area said that just before the fire started he had left home to make his way to Bush Hall to take some breadfruit for his great-uncle when an aunt called him and told him that there was a fire in the neighborhood.

“When I came home I saw it was next door so what I did is that I brought out my hose just in case the fire skipped over into the next gap and it did. So this side of the neighborhood tried to get it out [as it spread] to an empty lot that has old bush and stuff,” Sealy said.

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