Outgoing CXC registrar highly praised

Outgoing registrar Dr Didacus Jules transformed the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) into a technologically driven organization, second to none of its kind in the Caribbean. And, this afternoon, his colleagues, members of the management team and specially invited guests gathered at Hilton Barbados for a special farewell luncheon in his honour.

Didacus Jules
Dr Didacus Jules

Jules was described as a fearless leader and forward thinker, who stood up for what he believed in.

In his short tenure with the organization, Jules met with most, if not all leaders of government and opposition in the region, not only to advance the CXC agenda, but also to engage them on the challenges facing the region, particularly with respect to the need to refocus education in the Caribbean.

In his outreach efforts to further articulate CXC’s vision, he also participated in several meetings locally, regionally and internationally, and if not on the agenda as guest speaker, he always explored opportunities –– usually successful –- to get an audience with those who were able to make things happen.

Anderson Marshall, director of corporate services, said Jules’ love for technology was a major influence behind the CXC transformation efforts seen today. He said the leader had barely settled into the organization when he made the first major change to the ICT systems. The change served well in his first challenge of his administration, an examination breach.

The modernized systems and equipment have resulted in significant improvements in operations in every area, and today working remotely, as well as being in constant contact as the way of doing things. CXC is now able to have virtual meetings between its two offices and with other stakeholders, and pay markers electronically. The latter has significantly reduced the large amounts of cash staff was required to manage during marking –– which was always a major concern.

Jules was also instrumental in securing a new CXC headquarters building which staff should soon occupy.

CXC chairman Professor Nigel Harris said Jules had done a revolutionary job in building on the foundation of former registrars, restructuring the organization from the moment he took up the post.

“How someone could have covered that short ground in a short six years is really amazing and attests to this man’s vision and energy. He restructured the organization from the moment he came. He looked to turning it into something more efficient and effective,” said Harris.

Jules is expected to take up a new role as director general of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, where his colleagues anticipate he will continue his efforts to help advance the region.

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