On show

Event coordinator Lynne Williams

Locally created arts and craft are on show at the Easter craft fair underway at Limegrove Lifestyle Centre.

Some 40 vendors are taking part in the activity being held for the second year.

Event coordinator Lynne Williams, herself an artist, is pleased with the interest that has been generated.

“Every craft vendor does incredibly well with regards to sales, some better than others but overall we get a good turnout of people,” she said, adding that the fair targets both locals and tourists.

This is the first time that Williams, who recycles driftwood, is showcasing her craft.

“I’ve literally spent the last two months in a shed at my house just creating and building because it’s really time consuming,” she said. “They think it is very funky and very cool. I’m getting a lot of praise, which I really find gratifying.”

Artist and painter Kovsky Cox, who is participating for the first time, creates three dimensional art on canvass.

Apart from generating sales, he’s hoping the exposure from the activity would help him develop contacts for future events.

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