Apologize for what, Sir Roy?

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I have been following the recent impasse between the Barbados Workers’ Union and the Barbados Agriculture Management Company (BAMC), and the question that keeps recurring in my mind is: what would Sir Roy Trotman like the BAMC to apologize for?

From all reports the BAMC has spent ten months meeting with the union, and followed the legal requirements of redundancy.

The company is also willing to pay statutory severance.

Is Sir Roy saying that if a company shuts down an operation, it has to keep the staff on indefinitely until the union “says when”, even if the staff have nothing to do?

Sir Roy has said this is a warning to all employers. But I am concerned that in the end, the workers will suffer because who will want to employ people under these conditions.

As for paying enhanced packages, I want to know who is going to foot the bill? Since the BAMC has had losses, it probably means that we the taxpayers will be covering those costs. Why isn’t Sir Roy fighting for enhanced severance for all of the other severed workers?

I wish to encourage Sir Roy to put his ego aside and put Barbados first. As he goes into retirement, why not be remembered for doing just that?




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  1. Ralph Cumberbatch April 16, 2014 at 9:08 pm

    A distinguished gentleman once spoke of lingering too long on doorsteps. It seems this is what the union boss has done. The tens of acres of burnt canes drying in the fields. The tens of tons of canes rotting in the bins. This may be the enduring legacy of a once legendary career.

  2. Hillary April 16, 2014 at 10:04 pm

    Sir Roy appears literally & otherwise to be progressing well into SENILITY. He keeps mumbling that somebody must apologise to him.
    Step 2 will be to offer to write the apology to himself (again) & have the other person sign it. Please, somebody relieve him of making a further shame of himself.


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