5 Primary schools to gain from Japanese energy systems funding

Five of the island’s public primary schools are set to reduce their energy consumption by thousands of dollars with the installation of photovoltaic systems.

Officials have signed an agreement that will see the Japanese government funding the installation of the systems in the schools through the Grant Assistance For The Grass-Roots Human Security Project (GGP).

The US$121,818 cheque was handed over to the Association of Public Primary School Principals for the project following the signing at the Division of Energy and Telecommunications.

The five schools to benefit are All Saints Primary, Reynald Weeks primary, St Albans, Christ Church Girls and George Lamming Primary. Once started, the project should be completed within four months.

Senior technical officer in the Division of Energy and Telecommunications Horace Archer said the savings would vary from school to school.

“On average we are looking at savings of between ten to 30 per cent [on energy costs]. For the smaller schools the savings are around seven per cent and the bigger schools the savings will be as much as 33 per cent,” he said.

“Some schools would have spend somewhere in the region of $1000 a month and some schools, the larger ones will spend as much as $20,000 a month in electricity. So it varies from school to schools the amount of savings. For instance Reynald Weeks we expect they will save in the region of $400 or $500 in electricity,” added Archer.

The GGP is designed to promote human security in the world by assisting non-profit organizations. The scheme mainly targets areas that aim to improve basic human needs.

Ambassador of Japan to Barbados Yoshimasa Tezuka said he had do doubt the project would meet the basic needs.

“Through this project, each school will be able to decrease their energy consumption with an environmentally friendly power alternative and have access to electricity during power outages. Importantly, students will have the opportunity to understand the value of renewable energies,” he said, adding that Japan would be strengthening its ties with Barbados.

Solar Energy Innovation has been award the contract for the installation of the systems.

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