Final day

Last batch of public sector workers to be sent home today

It is the final day of the month and the last day of work for scores of public sector workers in Barbados, who will be the last to go under grueling two month retrenchment exercise that has resulted in the lay off of over 3,500 Government workers.

General secretary of the National Union of Public Workers Dennis Clarke says he cannot say who will go home today but he expects the final layoffs will go ahead as scheduled.

In the meantime, tourism minister Richard Sealy is assuring Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA) workers that they’re not on Government’s layoff list.

He is attributing recent staff changes at the BTA to plans to replace the tourism marketing agency with two new entities by August 1.

Just over a dozen workers, including the the CEO Urban Cumberbatch and acting senior vice-president of marketing Averil Byer have been sent on early retirement effective April 27.

Minister Sealy says the changes are necessary and must take place by the end of July.

We have to make sure that we create these two institutions in a manner that they operate efficiently and so on but this is no guise of any retrenchment exercise or anything. It is part of the necessary restructuring of public sector institutions that govern tourism and we’re happy to get it done,” he told Barbados Today.

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  1. Angela Maria
    Angela Maria March 31, 2014 at 7:40 am

    Not the final day at all, if you believe the credible rumour that they are sending home about 300 temporary teachers in September, or rather, not renewing their contracts for the new school year. The MOE has sent around to all the primary schools, asking for staff and student numbers and it is being said that they will make classroom numbers bigger and teachers will have less off periods to correct work/ plan work etc., as they reduce staff.


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