Work together to build together – Mottley

Members of the congregation at the Power in the Blood Assembly where the BLP held its 76th anniversary service this morning.
Members of the congregation at the Power in the Blood Assembly where the BLP held its 76th anniversary service this morning.

By George Alleyne

Barbados Labour Party leader, Mia Mottley, this morning called for the entire country to unite as Government enters the final phase of its public sector retrenchment programme.

Speaking to the congregation of the Power in the Blood Assembly, on Kew Road, where the party held its church service to observe its 76th anniversary, Mottley reflected on a commitment at last year’s anniversary to use the strength of people, whether they are members of the party or not, in assisting in renewal, support and transformation of a country.

“Only when people work together can they build together,” she said, adding, “That remains our mission. And it remains our mission at a time when this country is challenged more than ever”.

She identified as a challenge Government’s continued layoff of workers and repeated a warning issued over the past two months against Barbadians not collectively protesting against the termination of jobs.

“It is that determination that if it is not me being laid off, that if it is not me that is being touched, then I can walk straight as if nothing has happened in my presence. It is a legacy of the worst of slavery…of exploitation.”

Calling up the history of the party, its tradition, and Christian faith, she said, “It is incumbent upon this party and members of this party to remain focused on providing the voice for the voiceless, to providing comfort for those who can no longer comfort themselves”.

“It hurts me, and it pains me every night to know that I live in a country where people are not prepared to stand up for the vulnerable as of those who have no voice.”

“If we do not stand for the weakest among us, god help this country, god help our people because today it is them, tomorrow it is any of us who remain vulnerable against the plight of what faces us.”

The opposition leader made a rallying call for a unified effort in pulling Barbadians out of the present conditions.

“If we work to find common purpose with each other, both as a party and as a people, then I have every confidence that anchored in the faith of God, buttressed by a legacy that gives us courage … that we can make the defining difference to our brothers and sisters and to ourselves in this country”, Mottley added.

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