Two Smart will thrill

Upcoming movie already garners interest from foreign festivals

Not yet in the theatres, Barbados’ newest film Two Smart, is already getting interest from foreign film festivals.

Writer and co-director Shakirah Bourne told Bajan Vibes that they were almost through the editing of the movie, that was shot and produced in Barbados, and could be released to local viewers as early as next month.

But even so, she said she believed it was the trailer, shown on YouTube and other social media, that was garnering the interest.

“We’ve got some interest from some festivals. Two festivals so far have called and indicated interest in Two Smart,” she said, though adding that she was eager to see what local reception to the psychological thriller would be.

Given that most local productions so far have been along the comedy lines, Bourne acknowledged that the film was a departure from what their main audiences were used to, but nevertheless, she thought it was very good.

“We are supposed to release next month and we are still editing the final parts and as soon as that is done we will be ready to release and we are hoping for next month,” she said.

Asked how the process had gone, Bourne admitted that co-director Selwyne Browne was probably the one who had done most of the juggling still with the distribution of their last success, PAYDAY, getting the DVDs for that film out and with the upcoming instalment of
NEXT PAYDAY, which she had just completed writing.

“All now I am thinking about what the characters will look like, so none of our projects are completed. There are still phases that we are going through and everything is still ongoing,” she added.

Along with Browne and Bourne, has been their partner Ricky Redman, who comprise the directors of Bajans In Motion, who have climbed to local and regional acclaim for their successful production of PAYDAY.

Bourne said the audience for Two Smart though, was not the same as that for this PAYDAY or the ‘NEXT’.

“It is hard for people to accept something different. Two Smart will be for people that like dialogue and like to see how the story unfolds. There is not a lot to laugh about. So we are waiting to see how the audience receives it.”

She warned though that NEXT PAYDAY, was going to be very controversial – “and I think that’s all I’m allowed to say right now”, she said with a laugh.

Shakirah Bourne (standing right) sharing a light moment with lead actresses Alison Hinds (centre) and Saran Lashley from the movie Two Smart.
Shakirah Bourne (standing right) sharing a light moment with lead actresses Alison Hinds (centre) and Saran Lashley from the movie Two Smart.

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