Sweet Cooler Vibes grows

Groovy Soca belongs to Bim, says Farmer Nappy

One Trini soca star believes that Groovy Soca belongs to Barbados.

After seven years of working with local producers De Red Boyz, International Groovy Soca third placed finalist Darryl Farmer Nappy Henry, told Bajan Vibes that he liked the way the Bajans, particularly De Red Boyz, flavoured Groovy Soca music.

Farmer Nappy performing.
Farmer Nappy performing for the crowd.

“Why I say Groovy Soca belong to Barbados because in my song in particular, de melody keep changing . . . and ya hear de music actually like it breathing like reggae music, the way reggae music will breathe. So I decide Bajan is de home of Groovy. I might be wrong but to my philosophy, it is working for me. So I say Groovy Soca belong to Barbados, from De Red Boyz,” he said, speaking on the sidelines
of last weekend’s Cooler Vibes at the Astroturf.

The Big People Party singer said while he valued his relationship with De Red Boyz, he was also open to working with other producers from across the region.

“Producing wid De Red Boyz give ya flavour. It is like music wid De Red Boyz. If ya want bashment ya know ya cud go other places. They have different areas of producers in Barbados; all of them good, but I prefer working wid De Red Boyz because of the relationship over the years – eight years of relationship, but I am open to working with any other producers outta Barbados,” said Farmer Nappy.

Performing in the fete, along with Vincentian soca star Skinny Fabulous, Farmer Nappy also give a big up to Nicholas Brancker, whose horns formed the baseline for his increasingly popular song.

One of the coordinators of Cooler Vibes, Mark Owen said the event had started in 2013 on the grounds of Naniki Restaurant in St Joseph with about 650 people and within four fetes, had grown to a 1,300-strong patronage.

Last weekend’s fete, he said, they capped off at 1,300.

The concept was one they brought from Trinidad Carnival last year to provide a kind of event that patrons could bring their own drinks and party with their friends to some of the best music.

A part of the large crowd of about 1,300 at Cooler Vibes.
A part of the large crowd of about 1,300 at Cooler Vibes.

Their shift to the Astroturf was an attempt by the crew that comprises three national hockey players, to give back to hockey.

“It has been dream come through. It has exceeded our expectations to be honest. We thought that it had a year, maybe two years life-cycle but it actually looks like it will last longer than that because people like the concept.

“I’ve had Trini friends that actually need to come earlier now for Crop Over because they want to capture this fete. We’ve had enquiries from the NCF to put it on their calendar because it had now become the mainstay of cooler parties in Barbados. So we are kinda grappling with how to deal with the growth, but we have been managing it pretty well so far,” said Owen.

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