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No amount of sun could discourage the host of people in attendance today at the finals of the 12th annual Pine Hill Dairy–sponsored NAPSAC at the National Stadium.

They came out in their numbers to support the island’s finest young athletes in their endeavours. And it was most definitely a great day for many of them but also it was an equally good day off field for the many vendors plying their trade there. Most of them told Barbados TODAY that as the crowd got larger, they only expected sales to get better.

They said the children weren’t too interested in purchasing the nuts, the gums or the comfort foods but instead they mostly called for pigtails. Cynthia King of Betty’s Sweet Pigtails said this was a top seller for her, not only today but during the entire season.

All they want are pigtails. Barbecued . . . !
All they want are pigtails. Barbecued . . . !

Also boasting of the large number of pigtails sold was Kim Lowe. Before noon today all of hers were sold out. She said that though overall sales had improved, last week was terribly rough for them. Lowe explained that many people brought their own lunches to the games  so they did not spend like they normally would.

Patricia Devonish, who sold mainly snacks and toys also talked about a “dead” few days of the championships. However, she said things had improved to the extent that she would comfortably recoup the fees she had to pay to sell inside the stadium and make a “few” dollars in profit.

One of the biggest selling items was arguably water, be it bottled or chipped ice with syrup. The usual sno-cones were popular but a new craze that took over was the “Ice bombs”. These came in may flavours such as fraggle bombs, Bajan bombs, wacky bombs and so on. The lines for this treat were consistently long during the entire day. 

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