Mother and son granted bail

A Barbadian mother and son duo have been granted bail after being charged with a number of drug offences.

But while 42-year-old Marita Eugene Odle walked out of the District B Magistrates’ Court this evening having to return tomorrow, her son Rico Antonio Odle, 24, also granted bail, will be spending tonight at HMP Dodds before he too reappears in the St George court.

Both of 1st Avenue, Weekes Land, Goodland, St Michael, they were arrested and charged separately after arriving on a flight from Canada at the Grantley Adams International Airport yesterday.

Lawmen say the Odles had been separately stopped and interviewed at which point they were each referred to Customs.

A search of their luggage revealed 5.6 kilogrammes of cannabis, contained in eight taped packages and hidden in false bottoms of their two suitcases.

Appearing before Magistrate Wanda Blair, the pair both pleaded guilty to the charges of possession; possession with intent to supply; trafficking; and importation and were both granted bail   in the amount of $39,000 with one surety in the case of Rico and two sureties in the case of his mother.

The two were ordered to surrender their travel documents and present themselves to a police station of their choice once a week. The magistrate also ordered pre-sentencing reports on the two, who are to reappear in court tomorrow to finalise aspects of their bail.

Meanwhile, two Jamaicans who swallowed more than 40 pellets of cannabis in an attempt to get the drugs into Barbados will have to pay the court here if they want to avoid going to prison.

Also appearing before Magistrate Blair, 48-year-old Esroy Pasington Levy and Gladstone Jeffrey Ellis, 36, pleaded guilty to charges of possession; possession with intent to supply; trafficking and importation.

Last week Friday, the men were held separately at the Grantley Adams International Airport attempting – in the case of Levy, to import half-pound of cannabis contained in 29 packets in his stomach with a street value of approximately $1,000, while Ellis was said to have ingested 13 packets; also with a street value of $1,000.

Both men, on the charge of importation, were convicted, reprimanded and discharged, while on the possession with intent charge there were reprimanded and discharged.

Levy faces a fine of $1,500 on each count of possession and trafficking, while Ellis, on the count of possession faces a $1,500 and was fined $2,500 on the count of trafficking.

All fines were to be paid forthwith, with the penalty for failing to do so being one year per offence with sentences to run concurrently.

2 Responses to Mother and son granted bail

  1. Angel OfThunder
    Angel OfThunder March 25, 2014 at 10:16 pm

    The law must do its job yes but let law allso see its just a tree that’s good for alot of things, I’m not telling u how too do ur jobs but do it wisely please….

  2. Charly Bamboo
    Charly Bamboo March 26, 2014 at 3:09 am

    The law needs a overhall, they still have these old common laws from England in the barbados law.


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