‘Stop long talk on medical tourism’

There is no more time to discuss the whole idea of Barbados taking advantage of the proposed health and medical tourism sector, says St James Central MP Kerrie Symmonds.

Kerrie Simmons
MP Kerrie Symmonds

And he called on Government to finally take action in this regard.

“This is an opportunity that is there for the taking and it should not be allowed to go adrift. This is one of the areas where, as best as possible, I would urge the Government to find it possible to move with alacrity because there are a lot of people who have a serious interest in making investments of that type in the Caribbean.

“And Barbados is perhaps on the cutting edge because we have already invested heavily in building out the medical fraternity at all of its levels,” he said as he made his contribution to the Appropriations Bill in the House this evening.

Symmonds said he believed there was a lot of potential economic growth for Barbados, particularly in the area of medical tourism, but the key was to build out a framework similar to what was done for the cultural industries via the Culture Industries Bill and the Tourism Dvelopment Act for tourism.

“Beyond a doubt it is an excellent idea; it is virtually pregnant with potential. When I was on the other side of the Chamber . . . the issue then was that we were making noises not only from the Government side but from the medical faternity about making medical tourism a reality
in Barbados.

“My judgement is that we have not gotten much further over the last six or seven years and what we really need to do is to treat to that great idea,” he said, while urging Government to see that potential and utilize the professionals in the medical health fraternity.

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