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Water experts

Students show off their skills at science fair

Bill Nye The Science Guy has nothing on the students of Trinity Academy.

At the school’s fifth annual science fair held recently, the aspiring scientists proved that the discipline rules with more than 200 exhibits.

This year’s theme was water. From the tiniest four-year-old in Reception to the senior Class 4 student  attempted projects that best demonstrated their ingenuity, inventiveness and resourcefulness.

The very enthusiastic Aidan Edwards speaking about his experiment.

The very enthusiastic Aidan Edwards speaking about his experiment.

There were research results on photosynthesis, and water filtration experiments, among which showed the “power” of water to dissolve objects. Additionally, there was a display on insects that survive in water, of a water siphon, of the harnessing of solar energy to boil water, an aquaponics system created by Zeian Forde, and Kamario Grant’s creative hydroelectric generator.

Azariah Burgess and his water siphon.

Azariah Burgess and his water siphon.

Jeni Jacob demonstrating her biosand water filter.

Jeni Jacob demonstrating her biosand water filter.

A proud deputy principal Patricia Crichlow told Barbados TODAY that the objective of the fair was to demonstrate to students that science could be the key to the future for any of them; that it was not exclusive to the “bright” students who excelled in chemistry, biology or physics; and that science was accessible to everyone regardless of the objectives persons wished to pursue.

“Our goal was to give the students an opportunity to develop their inquiry skills, explore an area of science, do an experiment and present their findings; and they were able to achieve all these areas,” Crichlow said. “In fact, they were not only able only learn from their projects, but also from others’.

“It was also a chance for parents to be more involved and reinforced in their child’s development. We realized that many of the students who did well had solid input from their families . . . ,” the deputy principal added.

The project displays were not limited to families, however. Students of Eagle Hall Primary and Luther Thorne Memorial School viewed the exhibits as well.

The children were very eager to learn from each other.

The children were very eager to learn from each other.

The Caribbean Science Foundation also made an appearance, demonstrating its own science project – an underwater robot.

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  1. Angela Maria
    Angela Maria March 18, 2014 at 9:00 pm

    Way to go kids! Wish I could have seen it.


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