Back to the drawing board

Hike in sand prices forces constructors to review company operations

Rayside Construction Limited has embarked on a new business model.

This, said Herbert Harewood, director of operations and human resources, was in response to the current economic climate as well as new developments within the industry.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the introduction of a new coloured cement mixture at the company’s Green Hill, St Michael location today, Harewood said the recent increase in sand prices had taken the industry by surprise.

That too, he said, had forced the company to examine its operations.

Although not giving details regarding the model the company was pursuing or if the price of products would increase following the recent hike in construction sand prices, Harewood suggested it was time for change in the way the company operated.

“We are now in the process of reviewing our processes in order to manage this 85 per cent increase in the production cost,” said Harewood.

“And indeed, in essence what we have been doing over the last couple of months is reviewing our business operations and trying to remodel the operations of the company in order to cope with the economic downturn and be able to position [the company] to be able to move forward with greater dispatch,” he added.

Providing an update on issues surrounding employment at the company, the senior staff member explained that Rayside had “entered into an arrangement” whereby workers who were laid off are called in on a rotation basis based on the type of, and number of projects available.

Last September, the company laid off approximately 60 weekly paid workers following a meeting with officials from the Barbados Workers Union.

Harewood also reported that “most of” the road projects that were stalled have been restarted and some have been completed.

Officials of Rayside Construction Limited and E-Z Pave unveiling  an example of the colourful concrete pavement.
Officials of Rayside Construction Limited and E-Z Pave unveiling an example of the colourful concrete pavement.

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